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Cuisine of Bihar


Enjoy the most traditional Bihar Cuisine on your visit to Bihar in India.The Bihar is famous for its varied and distinct cuisine .All the regions have their own cooking styles and tastes.But most people prefer simple food consisting of bhat(Rice),dal(lentils),roti(wheat),vegetables and achar. Uncooked sprouts soaked in water is also consumed with choora bhunja and Makhana.

The famous jhal moori (puffed rice with sprouts,peanuts and green chillies)is a favouite snack in most parts of the state. Khichdi, the broth of rice and lentils, seasoned with spices, and served with thick curd, chutney, pickles, papads, ghee (clarified butter) and chokha (boiled mashed potatoes, seasoned with finely cut onions, green chilies) constitutes the diet for most people of Bihar.

Kadhi is popular with pakora eaten with plain rice.Salad with cabbage,raw peas,onions,tomatoes,cucumber,coriander eaves,beet root,carrot and fresh winter vegetables are served in huge thali's along with the food. Sattu(flour of fried grams) is another ingrediant which is used extensively in Bihar. There are many dishes made with sattu like litti,Sattu ki Roti etc. In rural areas of Bihar, doughed sattu is being consumed with some salt and pickels.

There are several other traditional snacks and savouries which are consumed during festivals and ceremonies.Pua, prepared from a mixture of powdered rice, milk, ghee (clarified butter), sugar and honey and its variant Malpua is favourite with most people.Pittha and Bakha, steam cooked, mixture of powdered rice is prepared in North eastern Bihar.Chiwra, beaten rice, served with a coat of creamy curd and sugar or jaggery is popular in central Bihar.Makhana (a kind of water fruit) cultivated around Muzzaffarpur is prepared from lotus seeds and is taken puffed or as kheer, prepared with milk and sugar is must during marraiges and religious ceremonies.Sattu, powdered baked gram, is a high energy giving food is consumed in rural Bihar.

It is taken mixed with water or with milk. Sometimes, sattu mixed with spices are used to prepare stuffed 'chapattis', locally called as 'makuni roti'.Litti/Choka, prepared with sattu and wheat flour and taken with mashed potato and brinjals is common dish found every where from hotels to roadside dhabas. The distinctive Bihari flavor of the non-vegetarian dishes like Kebabs, Mutton preparations is very appealing. Bihar is famous for Behari Kebabs a non vegetarian dish favourite with many people . Some of the other famous dishes like Keema (minced meat), Murgh Masallam (a chicken delicacy), Naahari (broth with chunks of meat, cooked overnight is popular all over Bihar.

Most Bihari households take delight in preparing kebab, zardah, biryani, sheer maal during holy month of Ramzan and religious festivals like Eid. Baqarkhani a type of round bread prepared during marriages in Bihar has got its name from one of the Persian governors Baqar Khan. Bihar offers variety of sweet delicacies like Ladoo,Khurma,Balushahi,Anarasa,Khaja,MotichoorKa Ladoo,Kala Jamun,Kesaria,Peda, Parwal Ka Mithai,Khubi Ka Lai,Belgrami,Tilkut,Thekua and Chena Murki to the tourist . Some of these delicacies owe their origin to towns for example Khaja from Silao Nalanda, Ladoo from Bihar Sharif, Kala Jamun from Vikram, Khubi ka Lai from Barh, Tilkut and Kesaria Peda from Gaya ,balushahi from Harnaut and Chena Murki from Koelwar.