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Maner Sharif is located twenty-five kilometers on the Danapur-Daltonganj road west of Patna .It is the popular medieval site in Bihar. Some centuries ago it was located at the strategic location on the bank of River Son. Maner enjoys position of one of the chief spiritual centers in India. It is well known in Bihar for its Bari and Choti dargah in the memory of Sufi saint Hazrat Makhdoom Yahya Maneri of the 13th century. It is one of two main centers of the Kubrawiya-Firdausiya sect in India, the other being Biharsharif. Bari Dargah stands within a walled garden on top of a mound that according to some archaeologists conceals an old Buddhist site. It also has a small mosque dating back thirteenth century with the graves of Shaikh Maneriís disciples and descendants.

The well preserved mausoleum of a later Firdausiya Shaikh, Shah Daulat was built in 1616 by Ibrahim Khan, the Mughal governor of Bihar under Jahangir.It is located some two hundred meters north from Shah Daulatís mazaar.Also known as Choti Dargah it is built in the Mughal style with extensive Chunar sandstone. With its central dome and four cupolas on the four corners the two-storied Choti Dargah is constructed within a large walled courtyard and garden. Emperor Jahangir added gateway on the north of the mausoleum and the three-bay mosque on the west in the later years. To the south of the A vast water tank, or baoli, is located to the south of the mausoleum.

Maner is also famous for its sweet delicacy ladoos made with pure ghee (clarified butter).