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Bihar As A Tourist Destination


Bihar Tourism offers areas of untouched natural beauty such as lakes, waterfalls and hot springs. Biharís unique tapestry of religious history is unparalleled.Bodhgaya is a fascinating place to visit and tourists and travelers flock to see this wonderful tourist haven. On a tour to Bihar, soak up the Buddhist vibes under the sacred Bodhi tree.Rajgir and Sasaram are some of the most interesting places one can find off the usual tourist trail. Enjoy the tranquility of the fascinating ruins at Nalanda University an ancient seat of learning.

Since the inception of its history Bihar has been cradle of culture and civilization with unparalleled growth in the field of art, culture and religion literature & human rights. It is the land where earliest forms of democracy blossomed in the form of cities governance. With Lord Buddha it witnessed a cultural renaissance as people embraced Buddhism and spread beyond the boundaries of our country. Nalanda was established as a highest seat of learning where students joined from the world all over. The rich culture of Bihar will transport you through 3000 years of history, reliving a rich heritage of romantic legends; to a land affluent in natural beauty, whispering forests, sparkling lakes, majestic forts and palaces, holy rivers, cascading waterfalls, natural hot springs.

Tourism in Bihar is still at its nascent stage even though Bihar holds great promise as a place of tourism. Due to lack of growth of overall the state Tourism in Bihar has been long neglected, but with its great tourism potential it can now only grow. Presently Bihar Tourism is in focus and lots more facilities are being planned for people who travel to Bihar.As a result of the lack of tourism here there are train routes created especially to bring more visitors into this untouched land. Several of these trains pick up passengers staying in Kolkata or other distant cities. While the train rides may be lengthy the view is spectacular. There are a variety of train routes one can take but they all include views of amazing Indian architecture and lively city streets. Bihar may not be as popular as Kolkata or Bangalore, but that is what helps to preserve its beauty. Next time you want to see a city with rich culture and exotic beauty, try visiting this unscathed town.