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  • Pawapuri
    The place Pawapuri is situated about 4.5 km north of Giriak and is famous amongst the Jains as the place whereby the last of their Tirthankaras died in the 6th century BC.
  • Samosaran
    Another Jain shrine called Samosaran the place where Lord Mahavira is said to have sat to teach his disciples is a circular work of white marble rising by low steps into several concentric terraces with a bee-hive shaped shrine on the top containing the foot-prints of Lord Mahavira.
  • Rajgir
    Few Jain temples are also situated on the hilltop at Rajgir where Jains used to worship their deity.
  • Kundalpur

    Close to the ruins of ancient Nalanda University a new beautiful Jaisalmer stone temple stands at Kundalpur which houses statues of Lord Mahavira,Adinath Swami and Gautam Gandharva.This place is believed to be the birthplace of Gautam Gandharva the first disciple of Lord Mahavira. There is also an ancient Jain temple here which is believed to be centuries old.

  • Other places of interest

    Vishwa Shanti Stupa and Monastery at the top of the Ratnagiri hill.Griddha-koot,Aerial Ropeway chairlift,Saptaparni cave,Cyclopean wall,Chariot wheel marks,Bimbisara jail,Ruins of fort,hot water springs,Jeevak Amravana,Venuban Vihara,Pippla cave etc.

    How to reach

    • By air- Patna airport
    • By rail- Gaya/Bakhtiarpur
    • By road
      • Gaya-66kms
      • Patna-102kms
      • Bodhgaya-145kms
  • Maniar Math

    The monument occupies a prominent position inside the valley of Rajgir situated about 20kms south-west of Bihar Sharif.Situated almost in the centre of the enclosure of the inner city on the way to the Son-Bhander caves there is a cylinderical well-like structure of archeological importance known as the Maniar Math.This well is covered by a small temple of the Jains.It is not dedicated to a Jain Tirthankara but to Naga Salibhadra who is said amongst the Jains buried his treasure inside the well.Jains offer their worship at this place to the presiding deity.

  • Veerayatan

    This is a modern building which houses beautiful artworks depicting the life and preachings of Lord Mahavira.

  • Naulakha Temple

    A sacred place of worship for the Jains.

  • The Sone Bhandar caves

    There are two rock-cut caves adjacent to each other,excavated on the southern face of the Vaibhara hill facing the western portion of the valley.Inside the cave is placed a Jain Chaumukha with the figures of the first four Tirthankaras carved on the four faces.The adjacent cave is in more ruinous state.It consists of a rock-cut chamber part of its front having fallen.Inside on the southern wall of the cave are six small figures of Jain Tirthankaras carved in relief.Further the Vaibhara hill on the side of which they were excavated contains on its top, a number of ancient as well as modern Jain monuments.

  • Nawada Gonava Jee

    About a mile north of Nawada on Patna –Ranchi road,lies Gonava village.It is a place of pilgrimage for the Jains of both sects.The Digambar Jain Temple is just by the side of main road while the Swetambar Jain Temple is at the back of it.The Digambar Jain temple built in 1925 is quite beautiful.
    The Digambar Jain temple has a large marble idol of Lord Mahavira.The Swetambar Jain temple was built some 800 years ago and has an impressive approach road.The temple has got a marble idol of Lord Mahavira flanked by a granite idol of Sudharmaji and idol of Panch Parmesthi made of Asthadhatu.The temple is famous and known as place of Nirvana of Lord Mahavir’s 1st disciple Gautam Gandharva.

    How to reach

    • By air –Patna airport
    • By rail-Nawada (Kiul –Gaya line)
    • By road
      • Patna -114 kms
      • Bodhgaya- 162 kms
      • Pawapuri-25kms
      • Rajgir-36 kms
      • Gaya-58 kms
    • Where to stay :

      B.S.T.D.C hotels and many private hotels offer rooms at reasonable rooms.

  • Banka Mandar

    Mandar hill is a massive rock of granite 48kms south of Bhagalpur.This 700-800 feet high hillock is believed to have served as a churning rod at the time of the churning of the ocean by the Devas and Asuras referred to in t he Puranas.
    The Puranas and other Hindu literary texts refer to it as Mandargir or Mandarachala.According to local belief a large town once existed near Mandar hill.It had 88 tanks ,53 roads and 52 markets.Several ruins and remains of ancient and medieval buildings,structures,temples and images and a large number of old tanks and wells lying scattered over a two mile area around the hill and some works of art and architecture on the hill itself testify to its grandeur and history.
    The sacred tank at the foot of the hill is said to have been excavated by Queen Konadevi wife of King Adityasena of Magadh.Every year a big fair is held near this hill on Makar Sankranti and lakhs of people take a dip in this sacred tank despite the bitter cold.
    A Jain temple has come up at Baunsi near the Madhusudana temple.Two images of Vasupujyanatha the 12th Jain Tirthankara have been installed in it.The bigger image is of red stone and the smaller one of bronze.Two footprints are portrayed in front of the smaller image. Vasupujyanatha who was born in Champa is believed to have attained Nirvana on Mandar hill.Hence this hill is sacred to the Jainas and a large number of pilgrims visit this hill and the Baunsi Jaina temple each year.

    How to reach

    • By air-Patna airport
    • By rail- Bhagalpur
    • By road
      • Bhagalpur 50kms
      • Nathnagar- 54 kms
    • Where to stay:There are several private hotels and dharmshalas.
  • Other Places of interest

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