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  • Kamaldah
    In the area called Kamaldah near the Gulzarbag railway station is a high mound of brick ruins on which stand two Jain temples of medieval period.On one of them is an inscription dated 1742 which records that the temple was constructed by the whole congregation living at Pataliputra and dedicated to Sri Sthulabhadra.These are considered to be very sacred pilgrim centres for the Jains.
  • Bulandigarh
    Mauryan site discovered by Lt.Col Wadell belonging to Sunga period.This place is close to the north-east of Kumhrar.

  • Kumhrar
    Famous Mauryan sites lies 5 km from Patna railway station on the Kankarbagh road.Excavtion revealed relics of 6th century B.C to 6th century A.D.An important find is the remains of pillars of a huge hall of Mauryan period.
  • Agam Kuan
    Mauryan bangles were discovered from here.Local people make their offerings to Sheetala Mata at this site.
  • Bari Patan Devi
    This temple is siutated in Maharajganj area of the city just outside of what was once its western gate.It is sacred to the Goddess Durga under the name of Patna as the presiding deity of the city.It is one of the Shaktipithas where the thigh portion of Goddess Parvati has fallen as per legends.
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